Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Sock of the Month Club

I decided it was time to stop being a closet knitter. I don't know when it happened but it's weird. I used to have my own shop, teach people to knit, show off my designs and suddenly - it stopped. I knit in the privacy of my own house and never showed other people what I was working on. Well, that's over. Saturday I knit in front of friends at a gathering and today I went to my first Sock of the Month Club.
My local Yarn shop, Amazing Threads started a Sock of the Month Club. Tonight we got together to check out our first project and sit and knit for a couple hours. I met many new people but being the dweeb that I am I didn't get any names. Next month I'll be better. We all were very pleased to see out Sockotta yarn and pattern. The package also included a clear tote to keep the yarn nice and clean and a new acrylic gauge. Very nice. I'm going to enjoy this group.
I tried to take a couple pictures of our package but Bert had other ideas.
Then Chief saw something was happening without him and he had to check it out.
The last few days I've been working on blocks for Greensburg. I've got 3 done and a 4th almost done. I plan on getting at least 6 done before the weekend is up so I can mail them out. Please check out the web site and consider knitting some of the bits of leftover worsted weight yarn. The blocks are bias garter stitch and very easy. Take a few hours to clean out your stash and do something to show the people of Greensburg we're praying for them and wish them well.

Chief decided today it's easier to look out the window if the shades are up.

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Guinifer said...

So - did you deliberately use the french word for cat in your blog title? Cute. Sock of the Month club sounds fun.