Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Laurie

Laurie dressed as "your favorite disease" - Mad Cow

Yesterday was a tough day. I hit a few blogs and it seemed like everyone was having a birthday to celebrate. Wendy's Mom had her birthday yesterday - Stephanie's daughter celebrated yesterday. I had a birthday yesterday too. Laurie, my best friend since 4th grade, had a birthday yesterday. Only - she's not here anymore.

Laurie was someone everybody wanted as a friend. She had MS but you'd never know it. She would use all her energy to do for other people and then go home and be too tired to do for herself. She raised two incredible boys to manhood on her own the last 10 years. They are respectful, fun to be with, intelligent and each has bits of Laurie shine through. Our last vacation together was a couple days at the Black Hills. It was cut short because her ex-father-in-law died while we were out there and we had to drive home early. I have great memories of that all-too-short trip. I have great memories of all the times we spent together from discovering what we could do on our 3-speed black bikes to our final times together discussing "The West Wing". In between we took synchronized swimming classes, went to England together, made bizarre costumes for parties, took Stain Glass classes. The day we made Nativity scenes she was a bit shaky from the MS and Joseph ended up with a bit too much solder and was anatomically correct (OOPS!) Anyway -

Happy Birthday Laurie! I miss you - I always will.


Romi said...

What a wonderful tribute to your friend. May she live on forever in memories.

Guinifer said...

I'm sorry. We never have enough friends that we can afford to lose one.

My dad had MS too. It's a great big thief, MS is.