Saturday, March 29, 2008

Busy Week - remodeling me

As you can tell from the last post, this has been a strange week. My parents ended up taking a great deal of time. Mom needed much reassuring this week that she indeed lives in "that" apartment and has lived there for 1 1/2 years and that she doesn't drive any more, my Uncle will get her to church on Sunday (not today because today is Wednesday), and several other things. She's finally calmed down and back into her routine. I think this all started because we went out to dinner Easter Sunday and that broke her normal routine, which in turn broke her comfortable thinking patterns. I don't take Mom & Dad out to eat too much anymore because of this. She's always over confused the next week.

Dad on the other hand has a small enough world in his head that he just accepts whatever happens to him now. His thing this week was shopping. He has gained enough weight from the good cooking where he lives to need new clothes. His razor quit working, his socks have disappeared and more. I ended up spending 2 evening hunting up supplies for him and I'll bring them over today once I have them labeled.

All this left little time for knitting but I did manage to keep up with my friends on the She Knits forum over on Ravelry. I also got part of the Sensational Shirttail sweater sewed up. I'll finish it this weekend and post pictures.

There's a new knitting group starting on the north end of town - the NW Burbs. We'll be knitting for the first time Thursday, April 3rd in the evening at a church in Brooklyn Park on Hwy 169. If you're interested let me know and I'll get you hooked up with the organizers.

My friends have not been able to get together for a few Fridays. I come home, clear off the clutter that happened over the past week and wait. Then the phone rings and the first person says they can't come because....... then the next and the next. Sometimes they don't call, just don't show up. They all want to get together but life is just so busy right now it's hard. My cousin's husband had triple bypass surgery Easter week so she's busy dealing with that (he's okay and recovering well), one friend is in the middle of busy time at work with Friday's being especially hard, another friend is having a big party today (I'll be there) to celebrate her husbands weight loss to date (over 100 lbs!), and of course I've been busy with the parents. It's amazing, life is either a big yawn or frantic busy.

Speaking of losing weight (we were sort of- friend's husband weight loss..) my friend, Jan that was up here Palm Sunday weekend from Alabama and I decided to do some remodeling. I had recently bought my exercise bike and Bob Greene's "Get With the Program!" book with the idea of reading the book and making some very needed changes. As we talked over the weekend Jan said things about wanting to lose weight, improve her life, etc. So we decided to go through the book together. We've been emailing each other daily about this. The program is set up in 4 phases. Phase 1 is getting ready and evaluating yourself - why do I over eat, procrastinate, etc. There are 12 written exercises to do. We've been doing one exercise a day and sending the results to each other. This time feels like it will work because I have someone to do this with but - she's not right here to "nag".

Well, that's about it. I need to mark all the new things for Dad with his name and get over to his place, then work on the sweater until it's time for my friend's party. I'll post pics once the sweater is done. Until then enjoy your weekend! Chief and Bert say HI!

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