Thursday, March 13, 2008

Plastic Inspector - still on the job

You thought I was kidding about the Plastic Inspector. Nope. He's still busy at it. Any plastic in the house MUST BE INSPECTED. Read that to mean chewed to death.

When Chief goes for plastic mailing bags after I've opened them it's not so bad. When he comes out into the living room with my friends sitting around and in his mouth is the - how to we put this? - pink plastic outer wrapping of female products half chewed - well - that's embarrassing.

His other thing lately has been to wait till one of my friends sits in "that" chair and then go under it and has a gassy moment. Honestly, what is with this cat!?! Two weeks in a row he has gone under the same chair, the same person and let loose with kitty stinkys. No bad moments all week, it's like he's saving up to embarrass me. What's a Mom to do?

Other news. There will be little knitting this weekend because one of my high school friends is flying in Saturday noon and will be staying here. It was a sudden trip (family funeral) so I'm grabbing as many of the gang as I can to have a party Saturday night. YEAH!

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