Thursday, March 6, 2008

Guest blogger

Hi! Bert here. Mom is very busy this week and left the computer on so I get to tell all of you about my day.

My day starts early in the morning when I wake up can't find Chief and Mom. It happens almost everyday. I stand in the hall about 4am (I know it's that time cause Mom yells at me and tells me its 4am - be quiet), Anyway, I stand in the hall and cry because it's lonely without them to talk to. Finally Mom tells me they're in bed and I should be quiet and join them. If I keep crying she gets all mad at yells at me. It's not my fault. All I want is some attention. So - I go to the bed and very gently brush Mom's face so I won't get yelled at again. If I'm lucky she starts skritching my tummy. Oh, I LOVE tummy skritches!

We finally get up and go to the room with the big pit in it. Mom sits on the funny chair with the water in it for a while and I play in the big pit. Mom has a step stool in there so I can play while she gets ready to go out and hang out in the place with the car all day. Why does she go out there all day? Doesn't she think we're fun to play with? Oh - back to the step stool. It's really fun to play on the stool. If I get on the top step I can almost get my tail. If I turn around really fast sometimes I can catch my tail. It's kind of hard to do on a little step and sometimes it takes 5 minutes but I try real hard and it makes Mom laugh.

Finally its time for breakfast. All three of us go to the kitchen and Mom fills our bowl with food but - we get a special treat. Every morning she brings a little bit of food to the fireplace and scatters it around the hearth so Chief and I get to eat in there. We like it so much we usually run over to the fireplace before she can even get the food out. YUM! Our food tastes a lot better in there.

The Mom has to leave and she goes out all day. I try go keep the house clean and bring all my toys into the tunnel. It's hard work so I have to take a lot of long naps. Well, Mom is coming back into the room to use the computer so I better stop writing before she gets mad at me for using it. I have to go find Chief to tell me how to send this so you can read it.

Okay Bert - Click this mouse here....'re stuff is on the computer for everyone to see. - Chief