Saturday, March 8, 2008

Leap ahead - Spring is coming (maybe)

Bert's in a time out for taking over my computer this week. Where he learned to type I'll never know.

I've been knitting this week in between the crazy busy stuff at work. Last Saturday I started the Sensational Shirttail Sweater from Knitter's magazine and found it to be a very quick knit. It's bulky yarn which I haven't done for ages and well - last weekend I finished the left front and posted pics of it. This week I finished the back. I've started the right front already and I'm about 4-5 inches along on that. I wanted to make a "grab it and go" sweater that would look better than a sweatshirt but still have that comfy feel. I'm pretty sure this will meet my needs very well.

Maybe I'll have it done for the Yarn Harlot April 10th.

I took photos of some of the old machine knit knitting a while ago so I'd thought I'd post one more of those sweaters. This was a great sweater to wear at shows and when I taught. It's very graphic so catches people's eye but, again, its got that comfortable thing going on. I could wear it all day teaching at a seminar and then be very comfortable to go straight out to eat dinner.

Chief has been working on his yoga lately. He's getting very sick of all the cold weather and lack of rays of sunshine to sleep in most days.

No sun in the hall to sleep in. When will this winter end??? - Chief

And what's with all this fur?!? I haven't had this much get in my face for a long time. HELP! I keep getting fur stuck in my mouth when I clean myself! - Chief

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