Thursday, April 24, 2008

Actual Knitting Content

I finally got my act together and took a couple pictures of the little bit of knitting I've been doing. Just to prove I really am working on "The socks that will not be finished", here's a shot of them so far. Well - sort of a shot. My model wasn't quite up to the job of standing by them and looking cute. He was busy protecting this week's junk mail.

I dump the junk mail in a pile all week and then Saturday or Sunday I go through and throw out the paper in recycling, the stuff with "credit card applications" in the shredder, and the plastic and other junk in the mail in the garbage. It's amazing how much my folks still get. It's been almost 2 years since they lived here. I've never bought, donated, or in any other way acknowledged the junk mail but - it just keeps coming. Obviously, many companies don't think too green!

Back to the socks.
These socks are still not done. Each sock is 1 skein of Maizy so far. They aren't long enough for my SIL yet but, I'm impressed at how much yardage is on each skein. I've got one more and will split it between the two socks and see how long these suckers can get.

Stitches Midwest
I signed up for 2 classes at Stitches Midwest this August. One of them is Cat Bordhi's sock class on Sunday. It's based on her new book "New Pathways for Sock Knitters". She has several ways to change where the gusset "increase" is and thus create very unique socks. I made the first baby sock last night to see how they worked. It's the Little Sky Sock.

See how the increases are on either side of the front.

That means the sides go straight down to the heel. I can see some pretty interest patterning ideas with increases being in different places! This should be a fun class.
In the meantime - Chief has been helping me knit. he snuggles in between my legs and rests on my tummy. Often he'll help hold the yarn for me. Having a warm purr near me seems to help my knitting mojo - at least until he decides to climb up on my chest!

Why does Chief get all the pictures today? I'm cute too. AND I'm awake! - Bert

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drlaura said...

i'm drlaura "sockguru" for crystal palace yarns.
would love to find out how the "never ending Maizy" socks are going along, and hope for permission to post on our blog -and link to you of course.
that's at CPYsocksandmore
and my email is