Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Knitting Group

What happened?!?
I've been a little busy to read all the bogs I have listed in bloglines and I just noticed after having read several to catch up I still have 178 to read. Have I been that busy? No. What happened?

My last post was Wednesday. Since then I've done the usual work, sleep,etc. - been to a new knitting group, celebrated a friend's birthday, sorted through more of my parents stored stuff, and knit. Obviously what I didn't do is read blogs. I'll work on that later....

The new knit group is the NW Twin Cities Burbs Knit group started on Ravelry. We met at Grace Church in Brooklyn Park for the first time last Thursday. we'll meet the first Thursday of every month so if anyone is interested - let me know and I'll get you more information or - if you're on Ravelry - check out the group. We had 8 people. Not bad for a first time. Others will be joining us starting next month. We got together about 6pm till 9pm. Some came a bit late, some had to leave early but all had fun.

Friday night my gang knit night did not come together again. That's now a month since we've been able to meet because of multiple life events getting in the way. On the positive side one friend is fully hooked on knitting. She's made several doll blankets, scarves and is working on a pair of slippers. I'll be bringing her to the Yarn Harlot Thursday night to fully get her sucked into this obsession.

Saturday we celebrated a friends birthday by gathering at a restaurant with her family and some friends. Afterward over to her house for cake and great conversation. Afterward I worked on a tam I started Thursday night. I had some Vimar 1991 yarn from Italy. I got it had Needlework Unlimited Outlet and have never heard of it before. It is a loose twist, single ply wool with a bit of other stuff. I made the Urban Necessity Beret from It's blocking right now so I'll get up a picture later this week.

Twin Cities readers take note: Next weekend is free recycling of electronics, mercury items, etc. Go to and you'll get a list of what you can recycle and where.

Enjoy your week and be sure to take time to knit and enjoy the coming of spring, if spring is coming to your area. Northern Minnesota - sorry you got so much more snow but I'm glad it's not here in the Twin Cities.

OH! I can't let an entire post go without mentioning the boys! Chief and Bert are being very quiet and have spent most of the day sleeping. Rain makes for good sleeping weather. Nothing exciting to take picture of unless you want to see yet another pictures of sleeping cats.....


Guinifer said...

Thanks for the recylcling heads up!

We were on vaca for a week and my bloglines topped 300+, yikes!

Debra said...

Did you go to the Harlot event last night? If so, I completely missed you!