Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm ready for my close up

Some days Bert sleeps all day, some days he hangs out in the hall crying for attention and some days he checks out every single corner of the house nonstop all day.

First he checks under the chair to see what's there.....

Then he goes out in the hall (running 90 miles an hour) only to return a few minutes later and leap up on the TV stand and collapse into a bizarre sleep position a second later.

Meanwhile Chief likes to show off his beautiful winter chest. With winter comes a lot of extra fluff in his chest and tail. The main problem with this extra chest fluff - it keeps getting stuck in his mouth when he cleans himself because the fluff is longer than he can raise his head. But - when it's clean doesn't he take a handsome picture!

After fluffing and running around like an idiot, all kitties like to take a rest and these two buddies are no different. Chief cozies into the kitty chair. Yes, they have their own chair. I was going to throw it out but they laid claim to it and I don't have the heart to take away their chair. Just don't try to sit on it if you ever come to visit - poor structure and a LOT of cat hair! Back to the story - After Chief settles in Bert usually comes up to join him for their nap.

Once they get settled in I can go into action and take "poor abused kitties wearing knitting" pictures.
Bert has never been great at posing which is why you rarely see him in a knitting picture. This is about the best I've ever gotten out of him.

Chief however was born to pose. This is the Elizabeth Zimmermann Heart Hat. It's all garter stitch and made by knitting the heart and then picking up stitches to create the body of the hat. It's finished with i-cord around the front and bottom making the ties. This one is out of Paton's Merino Classic I had sitting around the house.

I've made several of these hats including one for myself out of Lopi about 20+ years ago. It was the warmest hat I ever had and kept me warm even in below zero wind chills. I've started a new one for myself out of alpaca (brown) . This little red and black one will be headed to a charity once I make a few more hats.

Thank you Chief for posing so well today. Kitty treats for you. Bert, you get treats too for not immediately running away as soon as you saw the hat.

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limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Chief looks so handsome (and Bert too)! I sometimes think my cats operate on 36-hour days, thus the odd schedule.

The heart hat looks great; someday I'll make one myself. : )