Saturday, January 3, 2009

Life is Good

At the beginning of 2008 I decided it was going to be “The Year of being Selfish”. Well, that didn’t happen. Some things I did manage to do – I got to the doctor about some health issues (not settled yet but, I’m a work in progress) and I got to go to Stitches Midwest and enjoy the weekend thinking nothing but knitterly thoughts. Otherwise, it was a year of major highs and lows for the family and friends.

Summer saw a beautiful wedding for my cousin’s daughter and then the loss of my mother and my aunt within a month of each other. I reconnected with one friend but, I ended the year saying goodbye to one friend who lost her battle with cancer and another friend ended up in the hospital with complications of not taking care of his diabetes. For the past four years he hasn’t cared for himself and with a poor diet ended up with gout, his kidneys shutting down and being septic. Not the best way to end the year.

But throughout all this the constant has been knitting. I joined a group started through Ravelry that meets once a month. I DID make it to Stitches Midwest. I met many, many new friends on the SheKnits group on Ravelry and met some in person. I had a couple patterns become very popular. Rust Goes Green market bag is the 9th most popular crocheted bag on Ravelry.

What of 2009?
More knitting. Finish caring for my little health issue. Plan and go on a vacation (first in 7 years). I also plan to remember whatever comes - life is good. All the experiences we have, all the people we meet, they all work together to make us the person we are. I prefer to take all these things and stay on the positive side of life. I do have my moments of “poor me” but I work hard at keeping those moments to a minimum. Life is way too short to be depressed or gloomy. Enjoy 2009 and all the experiences it brings – I’m going to.


Guinifer said...

Don't forget the lovely Bert and Chief!

Jillsknit said...

Guinifer - I would NEVER forget the boys!