Sunday, January 25, 2009

Peek a boo!

Somebody turns 7 years old this week. Hard to believe this little boy would grow up to be such a handsome guy. Happy birthday, Chief!

One nice thing about Ragdolls is how long they take to "grow up". They don't reach their full look until about 3 years of age. So - for the first 3 years I would always be amazed at the changes. He started out this cute little Gizmo looking critter and went through a definite juvenile period before reaching his full adult look. Through all his stages he's always been a Momma's boy and loves to cuddle, be in whatever room I'm in and he's just a sweetie pie. Best of all he's very polite and friendly to visitors.
Knitting News
I've been fairly consistent the past week on working on my Soft Shoulders sweater only. This pic is terrible for color - it's actually forest green. The front and back are done and I've started the first sleeve. I'd really like to have this done soon so I can enjoy wearing it while it's still cold out there. I tend to finish just in time for the wrong season!

Bert's been a big help in keeping me going. He checks on my progress very frequently to be sure I'm still working on it. I have the chart on an excel file on the computer so I can have it nice and large to see clearly and just move up each row as I need it.

Peek a boo! You still working on your sweater, Mommy? - Bert

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