Thursday, January 22, 2009

Too Much Help

Since starting this blog I haven't talked much about sewing. Good reason. I haven't done much sewing the past year +. But back in the day I did a lot. I made my own jeans for several years and could make a pair that fit perfect (with designer pockets) for about $5.00. I made blazers and quilts and all my pants and all my tops. I also made all my - er-um - undies. This I still do. I can make 6 pair in about 1/2 hour and they fit my strange body just right. They also cost about $.50 to $1.00 a pair. Why would I spend the time to go shopping and pay a bunch more for something that doesn't even fit as well?!

Anyway - I've been lazy lately and have been tossing the old ones without replenishing the supply. Things have been tough and I've needed to do laundry more often because of the supply and demand issue. So - out came the serger, material, and elastic to get the need taken care of.

I should have known I'd have help. Anything new comes out and the boys have to check it out.
Cool, look something blue and soft on the table. Looks like a place to take a nap. - Bert

Feels soft. Smells okay. You're right, great place for a nap. - Chief

It took multiple times of "encouraging" the boys to get down, and get down, and get down before I got everything cut out. Fortunately the serger didn't interest them this time so I got everything sewed up pretty fast. Now I don't have to do laundry quite as much. Yea!

American Swedish - time for a big knitting party - Institute

This weekend begins the Bohus exhibit at the ASI. All events are sold out but there's a knit-in Saturday from 1-4pm. I plan on being there to see the exhibit and knit with some friends. The Institute is a beautiful building with "way cool" fireplaces and woodwork. If you're in the area and have never been there - come. It will be well worth it.

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