Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Vroom

Several years ago I got a Dirt Devil Ultra Handheld vacuum for Christmas. I'd occasionally pull it out and spot clean and area but never really used it to its fullest. This past holiday season before I had company over I realized how incredibly horrible the basement stairs looked. They were white and fuzzy instead of dark green. YUCK! I remembered the handheld and pulled it out to get at least some of the crud off the steps. WOW! About 4 minutes later I had spotless stairs. Barely a cat hair to be found. Color me impressed! So why am I writing about this that happened a long time ago?

My vacuum cleaner basically died. Cat hair is vicious on vacuums. It gets up in the hoses and builds up until the hose no longer functions. This last vacuum was a cheap one I had bought to keep at the shop back in the day, When my last one died I started using the cheap one to get me through until I got something else. The cheap one died this past month. I decided to get a dirt devil vacuum and started watching for sales. I just wanted a small vacuum because much of the house is hardwood floors and the living/dining room will be hardwood again once I pull the carpet. No need for a big vacuum, just one that would be good on area rugs and good with cat hair.

I hit paydirt. I got a Dirt Devil lightweight bagless - last years model - on clearance for - - -ready? - - -$25! I took it home practically running out of the store like the lady in the IKEA ad who thinks she got away with something. This little guy is wonderful. I ran it for about 2-3 minutes just to test it out and came up with almost a full container of cat hair from the living room. Guess my old vacuum was worse off than I realized. This new one doesn't have a light on the base, it doesn't have a really long cord, the base is a bit smaller but - I don't' need any of those things and hey - who can beat the price for something that totally sucks up all the cat hair. Life is good! (and clean!)

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