Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Whose House is This?

Another name for this post is - I got nothing. Distract people with the Boys.

Before you start let me say I'm innocent. - Bert

Back the last week of January I bought toilet paper. What can I say, I have needs. I'm only human. But the thing about toilet paper is - it comes wrapped in plastic. I opened it up and put the rolls in the proper place in the bathroom. Chief helped.

MINE! Its plastic. Its mine. I will protect it forever and ever. - Chief

Time passed. Chief continues to protect the plastic wrapper. Normally I wouldn't bother to post about this but earlier this week I noticed something very sad about my hallway. I don't own the house anymore. It belongs to the Boys.

Sorry the picture labels aren't better. My photo program and I aren't getting along right now.

Since I pulled up the carpet in the hall the Boys have decided its a great place to play. Since no one ever sees it I just let their toys lay. Right now the hall has:

1. Old Christmas wrap. Bert likes to whip this around the house mostly in the hall.

2. The toilet paper wrap. Chief currently has the plastic molded to his body so he can lay in the middle of it and take naps.

3. An old shoe string. This shoe string is on its 4th owner. Jessie and Jamie (my former cats) used to drag it around my old house and when Chief joined the family he thought it was pretty cool and dragged it around. Now Bert hauls it around, including to bed at night sometimes. There's nothing better than waking up at 3AM with a kitty spit wet string across your face - good times.

4. The old plastic bag I posted about before Christmas currently under Chief. Yup, it's still with us. Chief chewed it for a while. He never actually chews it apart just kind of chews/licks it for a while then sleeps on it.

5. Chief's Nap Fleece. He likes to take naps in the hall so much that when I pulled the carpet I figured I should give him something else to nap on. When he's not napping on it Bert likes to use it to surf across the hall. He'll take a flying leap from the den (right side door), land on the fleece and slide across into the bedroom (left side door). Last night he did this little trick no less than 4 times in an hour.

Sadly the hall is cleaner than it frequently is. Bert likes to bring several of his toys (knit mice, etc) into the hall and leave them for me to find. Bet you wish you could spend time hanging out here! I really wish they'd learn to clean up after playtime but then - I haven't shown you all my toys (knitting stuff) in the den. Makes the hall look clean!


Guinifer said...

If it's any consolation, the puppies are not better at picking up their toys.

CeeJay said...

Has anyone ever stepped on a 'Nylabone' the dogs and puppies have chewed on? The ends are like little nylon needles! Yeeowch!
At least the cats I have still have the knitted mouse I made them...nice and soft and fat and fuzzy to my foofies!