Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You want me to knit WHAT?!?

This weekend was busy.
We got snow - I got to shovel.
The MN Knitter's Guild had a tea - I got to knit with friends and eat little fancy sandwiches.
The Oscars were Sunday - I got to knit with friends and eat little fancy appetizers.
I definitely enjoyed the after shoveling activities more.

Oscars & the Mallow Throw

My core group of friends have been together since elementary school. We still get together very frequently. For the past over 30 years two of them have hosted the Oscar party and formerly Mallow Throw. Back when we were young and foolish we would all bring a bag of marshmallows to the party. The hosts would prep their house with a lot of plastic tarps to protect the floor and furniture.

When the show started the main rule was - if you thought the speech went on too long, or the dance number was stupid, or the person was wearing ugly clothes, or you just happened to be a little bit bored - you threw marshmallows at the TV (and frequently at the person across the room from you). By the end of the night the apartment was coated in mallow dust and I'd usually come home with white goo in parts of my body that shouldn't have white goo.

We've aged and matured. The topic of discussion this year was - "Hey Jill, did you think you could knit some marshmallows for next year?" R, the friend I sort of taught to crochet, thought he could take up crochet again to make some mallows. Maybe we haven't matured THAT much.

MN Knitter's Guild

So I finally decided I wanted to go to the MKG. They had a Sunday afternoon tea and I figured that would be a great way to go the first time. I got one of the ladies from my NW Burb knit group to come with me and off we went. When I got there people couldn't have been nicer. I saw a few people I recognized and then saw a couple of ladies that belonged to the same machine knitting group I went to back about 10+ years ago.

Next month is aran knitting. Should be fun.

Hairpin Lace

A friend posted a picture on Ravelry of a shawl. She wondering how it was knit. When I looked at it I knew right away it was hairpin lace - crochet. I had done a little of it back in college (you know - before home computers were invented). I told her what it was and the next weekend I found my hairpin lace fork. That started me off on a new adventure. I figured out the shawl and posted a picture of my ugly little sample with Chief. That was just the beginning.

Make that a VERY ugly sample. Anyway - I've been playing around with hairpin lace this week and came up with a few new patterns. I'm debating sending one of the in for magazine submission (after all I have a whole week before its due). Because of this I can't post pictures. If I don't send them in, I'll let you see what I've been playing with. Time will tell....


NerdGirl said...

Knit marshmallows would be amazing...or maybe some needle-felted marshmallows would fit the bill. I love the idea of you and your friends reviving the marshmallow tradition next year. I know there were a couple of times this year I would have enjoyed throwing something at the Oscar telecast!

Guinifer said...

So, who got mallowed this year?