Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Amazing New Cat Toy

This week I gave Bert a new toy. He loves it. He played with it in the Cat Cottage.

He played with it in the Cat Cottage for a long time.

He played with it outside the Cat Cottage and returned it to the cottage.

It fascinated him for a very long time.

Bert played with this new toy for 3 days before he got tired of it.

What was this great and wonderful toy that can hold a little boy's attention for 3 days? You're wondering where you can get one?
Simple, go buy a bag of candy wrapped in foil. Eat the candy and make a foil ball out of 4 of the wrappers. Toss this ball to the kitty - sit back and enjoy the show.
Why do we keep buying cat toys when our throw away stuff makes them just as happy!?!?!

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