Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Signs of.......

Signs of Spring

Everyone always sees pussy willow branches with the cute little buds that are so fun to "pet" and feel nice and soft like bunny feet or kitty feet. But as springs moves along the little buds grow up and well - explode into millions little feelers. I always thought this looked so cool.

Another sign of spring I look forward to is the Boys hanging out by the open window. They LOVE watching the activity in the back yard. Important stuff like the leaves I didn't rake last fall blowing around or the birds looking for the seed I haven't put out yet.
Guess all the signs of spring mean I have some work to do outside to get the yard ready for summer..... but.....instead......I have my own sign of spring.

MY Sign of Spring
For some reasons spring usually means I start a million new projects that are totally unrelated to getting the yard cleaned up. I think I'm in denial of all the work.
What do we have here?

Why, yes, that's a side table filled with knitting projects. We have a hot pink baby sweater on the top.
The green in the front is my Soft Shoulders cable sweater I started in 2003- it reappeared from time out about 6 weeks ago.
The baggie is sock yarn left over from all my socks. I've been miter knitting but I keep telling people its not going to be a sock blankie. When it ends up to be 5 feet by 6 feet maybe I'll admit its a blankie.
The light blue under the baggie is my Icelandic shawl. I'm up to the border which is a lot of stitches and really wide.
Between the shawl and the baby sweater is an off white Tree of Life Afghan.
In the front is my iPod TV controls and my laptop is sitting on the chair in front. Frequently the laptop sits on my lap while Chief sits between my legs on the recliner -sleeping and purring.
Not showing is a few socks and other projects.
But that's just one side of the chair - the other side....
That table holds knitting needles, knitting magazines and pop. Frequently on top of this whole pile sits Bert.
Hopefully by summer a few of these projects will be in the finished list and somehow the yard fairies will magically rake and clean up the garden.
Fairies? Where are you???


wierdkids said...

Oh yes, I wish my pile looked as neat. Mildred likes to play "the floor is lava" and walk all over my end table, not very helpful to the nest area.

Guinifer said...

The pussywillows look kind of scary and alien.