Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lunch and a good read

One of my weekly treats is going to Panera Bread for lunch. I get the Pick Two lunch and sit back to enjoy great food and read a book or, when it’s the right time, a new knitting magazine. There’s a JoAnn next to the Panera so when the new magazines come out, I run over to JoAnn – grab the latest magazine and – enjoy my lunch break.

Today I got two of the latest UK magazines. Anyone reading this in the UK will not be too excited because we get the magazines a month late so you’ve already read these and enjoyed them. Those of us in the US – if you haven’t seen these 2 magazines yet, there’s some good knittin’!

Simply Knitting – Issue 52, April 2009. I get this magazine every month. It comes with a free gift and I LOVE getting free gifts. Several of the gifts have become part of my basic knitting tools. Most issues have a toy designed by Allan Dart. I should rephrase that – cute toys from Allan Dart. This issue has a special knit wedding cake from Allan. It’s not my thing but it is cute. What has me excited about the issue are a couple sweaters. The cover sweater is small squares of knit and purl, button up front with a scoop neck and a nice collar. It's comfortable looking but nice enough to use as a business sweater. It’s made from Rowan 4 ply Soft which is a 100% Merino fingering weight. There’s also a sweater made from Boucle called Country Style. It’s a jacket with a pleat in the back and on the sleeves. Another good business sweater.

The Knitter is a new magazine from the UK. (sample of issue 1) Issue 3 is filled with Felted Moebius baskets from Cat Bordhi, A cable Sampler Afghan from Melissa Leapman, Nora Gaughan’s Starfish Shawl, a child’s sweater from Sasha Kagan, an article by the Mason-Dixon ladies and so much more. This magazine is serious about knitting!

One thing I love about knitting magazines is their collectability. I have the first issue of Knitter's Magazine. It's still a keeper. These two new magazines will be keepers too.

Mom, I'm a keeper too, right? - Chief

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Guinifer said...

Wow, what a handsome picture of Chief! Have you tried Panera's Harvest Mushroom Soup? Yum!