Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April FOolS on mE

There I was at work today thinking about what great April's Fool joke I play on you all. Then it hit me I'll tell everyone about the book deal I just got. I've been working on a mystery novel the past year and sent the first chapter to some publisher's and lo and behold - a publisher wants it. I was going to tell you abou the basic plot of this mystery which has a knitting base. But - somewhere during the day while I was pltting this great joke and devising the plot I was going to tell you about I realized. This is a really good plot idea. If I read a book jacket about this story I'd want to buy it and read it. I know a lot of knitters would want to read it too.

CRAP! Now I have another thing I want to do but will probably never get around to. So April Fool on me.

If I don't write this book by 2014 (give myself 5 years and time for you to forget this promise) I'll tell you the great plot so someone who would actually write it can use the plot and we all can enjoy a new knitting mystery. Don't hold your breath.

I'll just sit and stare at the wall until you write your book. - Chief

1 comment:

Guinifer said...

I'm still waiting for the April Fool's joke!

(No school so my kids totally forgot about it!)