Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cat Parent

You know you're a cat parent when....

• You automatically check for kitty tail clearance before you sit on the toilet.

• You assume everyone has an extra layer of fuzz on their clothes.

• Your knitting mantra is: Knit one, purl one, pet one - repeat.

• You don't need an alarm clock because the cat knows exactly when it's time for breakfast.

• You automatically cover any black clothes with a towel if you leave them on the bed.

• You don't need weights to hold down your pattern and material when cutting out a new outfit to sew. You have a large "weight" ready to help you.

• You think the cat is always in the way but the second he's sleeping somewhere else in the house you have to go looking because you're worried he's not with you.

• All chairs in your house belong to the cat.

• No matter how down you feel, coming room to a purr and cuddle makes everything better.

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