Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Will the bookies take odds?

Yarnover is this weekend. In preparation I decided I needed a new top to wear. The weather should be nice enough so a sweater will be too warm but this is Yarnover and the top just needs to be knit. So - I started making a short sleeve top that I can wear closed or open with a tank top under it. The bits are knit, I have 3 evenings left till Yarnover. The bets are on - will I actually get this finished in time to wear.

Things to consider - I need to clean the house - do laundry - get the guest room ready - and be distracted by a million other things. Only time will tell.... If you go to Yarnover and see me, check out if this pile of light blue knit bits is a completed top on my back!

One of the things that may distract me is my knit version of Rust Goes Green. Back several years ago when I designed Rust Goes Green, a crocheted market bag, I had requests for a knit version. People liked it and I totally planned on making a knit version. I got about half done and ran out of yarn. This year I started clearing out the old projects and made plan to get some of them done.

It's not done yet but well on its way. I just have to decide how I want to finish the top and what type of handles it will have. We're gittin' there. Now I need to come up with a name. Rust Goes Green was because I used a rust colored yarn to make a reusable "green" market bag. What about "Out of the Blue" ? Maybe not...

In the middle of the cleaning out old projects I found the Mystery Shawl #3. I was SO close to done but put it away. The past few nights I've been working on it and I have very little left to knit. I used Knit Picks Bare fingering weight and planned to dye it once I finished the shawl.

What's going to win- finishing the blue top - the blue market bag or the shawl? If the bookies in Vegas can lay odds on who will cry at the Royal Wedding maybe they'll want to lay odd on the winner of my next finished project.


I love the scene where Julie Roberts goes back to the shop that would help her in "Pretty Woman". She walks in with her arms loaded with bags and tells the clerk who wouldn't help her - "BIG Mistake." My mistake involved my wardrobe but nothing so exciting as bags full of designer clothes.

I placed a clean black top on the bed this morning when I was deciding what to wear and forgot to hang it up in the closet before I left for work.

BIG Mistake

They just mentioned snow in tomorrow's forecast - will it ever end!?!?!?!?!

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Cait said...

He was just trying to let you know that he should never be out of your mindset, wherever you are! That's All!
Boy am I ever familiar with this scenario.