Thursday, April 14, 2011

Waiting for spring - still

 The Boys have been discussing the whole "When is spring going to be here" topics and they decided it's taking way too long. They miss sitting in the open window and "chirping" at the birds in the yard.

So, what do we have instead of flowers and nice green yards?

We have store closings. It's sad to see book stores closing. I love exploring book stores and paging through the latest books to find something new to read. Sometimes its a knitting book. Sometimes a mystery or historical fiction. I have a feeling that my reading will change as we move closer to all ebooks. They are wonderful and I do read on my netbook and iTouch but its just not the same as a real live book and I hope we never totally get rid of them. They're warm and comfortable. At least in my mind they are.

What else do we have instead of flowers?

We still have massive snow banks. This is in the parking lot of a local shopping mall. It's been melting for well over a week and check out the size of what's still there! Just to the right of the snow bank is a person with a stroller walking past it. That's one huge bank!

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