Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Watch 2011

Well, we're still waiting for spring to actually appear and stay in Minnesota. Last night the 10pm News was talking about how lucky we were to have missed the latest snow that came through. Then I woke up this morning.
 As I left the bathroom and glanced out the back window I noticed the apple tree didn't look quite spring like.

Hoping that is was a figment of my imagination I went to the front and looked out the front door.

Yup. We didn't miss this one.

Oh spring, where for art thou spring?


denise said...

Was searching around raverly and some how found your blog. Our family just moved to Beijing China, BUT we spent the last eight months in MN. I can tell from your photos that we must have been neighbors!! I saw the MN mountains in an earlier post and I know those "mountains". It will be fun to follow your blog and see some of "home".

mimi said...

Jill, I am knitting the Good Hair Hat and am lost with the first row after the 36 rows of Brioche.

Can you explain, "p1 catching the purl st. and loop"?