Saturday, November 10, 2012

Houston Quilt Festival - part 3 - Hoffman Challenge

Last night I was sitting watching TV and realized it was one week before that I had the best chimichanga in my life. Seriously, the absolute best. My friend laughed at me because the face I made at the first bite was one of total rapture.

Friday we had gone to NASA and then Galveston where the plan was to go to a seaside restaurant so she could have fresh seafood. I don't eat critters of the sea but knew any place we picked would have chicken of some sort. Anyway, the Galveston Motorcycle Rally and 500,000 motorcycles put an end to that idea - just too many people! So, we headed back toward Houston and I remembered the Kemah Broadwalk was supposed to have some good seafood places. Turns out there was a special military vehicles display at Kemah and it too was way too full of people to get a place to eat. Heading back to the freeway we saw a nice looking restaurant, Berryhill Baja Grill in League City. I got the pick 2 meal and the chimichanga was unlike any I've ever had. It wasn't a tortilla but instead a dough filled with fresh fajita beef. On top was shredded red cabbage and a sauce that was a bit like light cheese and thousand island dressing. I know, sounds strange but, it was incredible! I'm just glad I ate the spinach enchilada first because it was really good but after the chimi I don't think I would have enjoyed the enchilada. If you're ever in the Houston area do yourself a favor and RUN don't walk to the nearest Berryhill!

Back to quilt pictures. Every year Hoffman has a challenge fabric and many of the quilts and dolls are shown at Houston. This year's fabric was a purple floral print. Today's pictures are some of the items made for this challenge.

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