Thursday, November 8, 2012

Houston Quilt Show - part 2 Critters

Time to show a few quilts. If I were to show all the pictures I took we would be here forever so you only get to see a few pictures. These aren't just the ribbon winners but more a cross section of all the quilts at the show. Some competition - some international - some part of special displays.

This post will be quilts with critters on them. Hope you enjoy!

My Gentle Giant - Ben
by Patt Blair
Pfaff Master Award for Machine Artistry- $5000

Ms McDonald Had a Farm
by Hanging by a Thread Group
1st place Group

Other people are incredibly good at taking down notes of who made the quilt and what awards it won. Not me, I'm so busy clicking pictures and having my mouth hanging open in awe of the craftsmanship that I always forget to take notes. Maybe next time I'll get better!

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