Thursday, November 8, 2012

Houston, we have a problem

I've always wanted to say that and mean it. Blogger is giving me hissy fits and will not open the browser to be able to upload quilt pictures. I'll keep trying to the Houston Quilt Show pictures are going to have to be delays just a wee little bit.

In the meantime a silly little story.

I left the house last Wednesday around 11am and returned Monday morning around 8am. During that time the boys were in the house alone other than someone coming in to check on food and water. Naturally, Bert hid so he didn't see anyone all week. When I got home Chief greeted me at the door and yelled at me for being gone so long. That was Monday, this is Thursday night. He will not leave me alone and is in absolute fear that I will be going away again. Every morning he stares out the window when I leave and every evening he's at the door waiting. Right now he's sitting on my left arm as I try to type this. Bert has been pretty much the same. Very vocal about me having the nerve to leave them alone and pretty much hovering around me constantly. Nice to know I'm loved!

Now, send good vibes to blogger so I can post pics!

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