Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And the next strong man is.......

The past 2 weeks I have come home to find things rearranged in the house. Today I found out which one of the boys was the culprit but first - what's been happening.

In the past I'll come home to piles of toys where I didn't leave them. Bert likes to gather things together. Mine, mine, mine! The kitty tunnel is frequently tipped over and in new places in the living room. That's both of them but often Chief. Get an 18 lb cat into a thin cloth tunnel and well - cat flopping over the take a nap wins out over tunnel structure every day.

So now it's the kitty jungle gym that has become the focus of attention. (I did mention I have WAY too many kitty toys and structures in the house, didn't I?) Well, when I've been coming into the den after work the jungle gym has been frequently in the middle of the room instead of pushed up against the wall by the window.

Normal jungle gym location at wall.

First clue about what's been going on - Bert loves the mouse - A LOT!

Well, today I worked from home in the morning before a meeting and Bert went up to the mouse, grabbed it and dragged the entire jungle gym into the middle of the room while trying to take the mouse with him. This cat is crazed. I can only figure he wanted to have this mouse join the rest of his toys in the tunnel where I found 3 other toys stashed. Either that or he's practicing for the next strong man competition.

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Bert training for a kitty strong man competition. So did you leave the mouse attached to the jungle gym or did you take it off so that Bert can satisfy his hoarding compulsion? --Your Secret Pal