Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pictures of flowers and cats

Okay - I've got a few minutes. Here's the pretty flowers!

And a close up of the pretty flowers.

Bert had to check them out.

Meanwhile, Chief found his sweet spot between my legs on the afghan I made back in 1973. Sure, I can remember when I made an old afghan but I can't remember my birthday - geeesh!
What else? Bert and his latest secret spot. He has the kitty cottage, the tunnel in the living room, the jungle gym and where does he go? The bookcase. I give up!

Finally, I've been watching Ballykissangel lately thanks to Netflix. It's a BBC series from Northern Ireland. Small town stories and a group of "characters". This one lost all his money so ended up getting a cell phone from frozen food labels. Check out his great new phone!

Guess I shouldn't leave without at least one knitting picture. I started the Stony Lace Scarf my Secret Pal sent me. It fingering weight Jade Sapphire Cashmere/Silk in Lupine (pale lavender). Very pretty, very soft.


Lorraine said...

LOL - cats can be such characters. When my 19 yo cat was sick, I made him a lovely fulled wool cat bed. Would he use it? No. DH swears it's because it was pink. The little girl cat, though, loved it!

Re: Smooshy anklets - my socks weigh right around 2 oz and the anklets are slightly under 2 oz. I wish I had a more accurate scale. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I had to show my co-worker (who is a mom to 5 cats) the picture of Bert hanging out in the bookcase. So funny. Have a great day and I am glad that you like the flowers. --Your Secret Pal