Monday, November 12, 2007


WARNING - really bad cell phone pictures ahead!

Well, the cats out of the bag. I told some of my family this weekend about the blog which means I have to watch what I say - no Christmas present talk or other things I don't want them to know about. Not that the blog has been very revealing but it was my secret little thing that no body who really knew me knew about. Freedom of anonymity is gone.

My bro and SIL came in town Friday and are still here but they're staying at Mom's apartment. They're seeing first hand what it's like to deal with the memory problems. We did get the whole family together (cousins, aunts, uncles) together at a small Italian restaurant Saturday night. everyone enjoyed the evening. SIL told LA fire stories (she's a captain for LA county). Dad seems to follow the conversation on his end of the table pretty good. Afterward some of the family came over to the house for a while to talk some more. Naturally Bert vanished when they arrived, while Chief allowed some of them to pet him.

I'm so handsome, of course I'd let them pet me! - Chief

I did manage to do a little knitting this weekend. I cast on a glove to knit a little bit and the next time I looked down it was most done and a great deal of time had pasted. This is the Cabled Glove #29 in Vogue Knitting Fall 2007. It's in Woolease because the person I plan to give it to is not big on wool and I figured Woolease would give the glove a bit extra warmth and body over regular acrylic. The wrist required paying attention which is how it got done so fast. I didn't want to stop in the middle and have to figure out where I was!
I warned you the cell phone pics were bad! Better pics next post.


Lorraine said...

Bad camara pic notwithstanding, it looks like the glove turned out fabulous. Color me impressed!

Guinifer said...

I'm impressed. That glove is pretty. I've not tackled gloves - I can barely handle the thumb on a mitten.