Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas is being unpacked

The only way I know to deal with parent problems is to involve myself in something totally different. That's how knitting became so important to me again. I sent out an email to friends and family and attached the article about knitting helping "prevent" Alzheimer's. Well - not just knitting, any creative brain activity but we'll go for knitting. I told my friends and family I miss teaching and I think they need to save themselves from the fate of my parents so I'm starting a knitting class for them at my house right after Christmas. we'll meet once a month or more depending on their interest. SURPRISE! I already got a positive response. My cousin with the out of town most of the time husband so she has to be both parents and haul around the kids everywhere said she's interested in something for her. She wants to learn to knit. GOTCHA! Now to work on the other people that got my email.

While I'm at it, anyone living in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis and interested in joining our little group in January - email me and I'll get you the details.

Meanwhile - I hauled out the Christmas boxes today and will start decorating over the next week. Santa Claus was anxious to come out and say "HI!"

He's from Jean Greenhowe's knit doll books. I used some of my machine knitting acrylic for him I don't remember what yarn but it's between fingering and sport weight. If you go to her web site you will be amazed at the dolls available to knit. There's also a few free patterns to try out.

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Toni said...

What an adorable Santa! I'm going to have to check out the book. Too cute!