Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Take time to give thanks

Time to look back and give thanks. It's a good think to do. In today's world it's so easy to get involved in the day to day activities that we forget to take the time to be thankful. Tomorrow morning before I go to get Mom & Dad ready to go to my cousins house I've decided to take 1/2 hour to review the past year and write in my journal. Look at the good things to be thankful for. I know there are many. I decided to share a couple silly ones with you.

I'm thankful that little critters hold such promise of companionship and create warmth in my house that would be lacking without them. Who knew these little ones would engulf so much of my heart!

Chief's first day as part of the family

Bert a few weeks before joining the family

One other thing I'm grateful for - we live in a country that let's one totally disagree with it's leader and yet you can speak your mind and actually meet the guy in person.

This shot was taken a second before I shook hands with GWB in the summer of 2004. I found out about 1 hour before this picture that he was going to be stopping in my home town so - what the heck - I decided to check things out and ended up in the secure area shaking his hand.
Check out all the guys in black and the totally serious looks they're giving the crowd.
I wish all of you a wonderful family time on Thanksgiving and wish for you the time to reflect on all the things you are thankful for. I know family and yarn will be on your list as they are on mine!


Anonymous said...

Have a great day with your family. It neat that you have met the president! I went to Clinton's first presidential inauguration and went to an inaugural ball but I never actually got close enough to shake his hand. Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble. --Your Secret Pal

Guinifer said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love your fat lil kitties.