Saturday, February 23, 2008

Finally some knitting

There's been some actual knitting going on at Maison Chat. My friends that come over every Friday night couldn't make it this week because of various reasons but I had the time to knit instead of teach/coach. Earlier this week I started a new pair of socks. This this Araucania Ranco Multi. It's wonderful yarn with a firm twist and very minimal splitting. The pattern is a mix of patterns. It's my basic toe-up design but the pattern on it is from Eagle's Flight. A free sock on the internet.

I like this design with this yarn. The yarn isn't so busy that the design gets lost.
I've also started another baby sweater this weekend. There's something in the water at work because the past 6 or so months everyone has had a baby. At least that's what it seems like. This is the 4th baby and I'm tired fo the EZ surprise kacjet so I switched over to Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Sweater on 2 needles (February sweater from Knitting Almanac). The original is 1 color but last week when I was at the NU Outlet I bought 1 skein of 2 different color of Snuggly DK by Sirdar (can't beat $2.75 a skein!). Once I decided what to make I didn't want to go back down there for more of one of the colors so - the yoke and garter stitch areas are white and the body red.

House Rules
One rule we have in the house is - all bags that come into the house must live on the floor for at least a week. It's not my rule but I must follow it if I want to live in peace. This bag becomes the toy & nap place of the week.
OOH This Paton's bag is just the thing to sleep on! - Bert

15 minutes later -
Are you sure there's not something inside the bag. Let's explore. - Chief
You're bothering me. I want to sleep! - Bert

30 minutes later -
Like I said, It's a great place to nap! - Bert

Misc. Item
When I was at the MOA last week I found a pillow at Bloomies that I managed to kinnear. It looks very easy to make. It was expensive. And it may be a project in the near future.


Toni said...

Love the socks!!!

Lorraine said...

That pattern is fabulous. I love the combination of yarn and pattern.

Good Kitties! Don't go for the expensive cat toys - play with the free stuff.