Monday, February 11, 2008

Where's My Needle?!

Most of this weekend was ignoring the artic blast that hit us and sleeping. I started getting the "sinus pressure-migraine-hey, you've got a cold coming on" symptoms and since I had a job interview today I didn't want to walk in to the meeting all snarky and puffy eyes. So - I slept. But between bouts of sleeping and seeing 5 minutes of various TV shows I did manage a little knitting.

One of my goals this weekend was to finish the Regia socks. DONE. They're for my Uncle as a thank you for all the parent help he's given me this past year. Previously I made a pair of slippers for my Aunt using a basic toe-up sock with thicker yarn and a short cuff. I'll see both of them this week to thank them. (My cousin that's been coming to the Friday night group is their daughter so maybe she'll make them something for Christmas.)

The socks are Regia Designer Line Kaffe Fassett, color 4251. I used 2 skeins with just a little left. As usual I knit them toe-up. This lets you knit until you get to the end of the skein without worrying about having enough yarn for the 2nd sock. The inspiration for the socks was Wendy's Eyelet Rib Toe-up socks. I use this pattern for basic number in the heel but go off on my own from there. The design is a Garter stitch rib - 1 round knit - 2 round k2,p2. I really like the way this rib gives just a bit of design texture without being too fussy. Once I got near the top I put 10 rows of k2-p2 rib to finish them off. I know I'll make this sock again for myself.

Between sleeping and socks I also spent some time hunting for my knitting needle. Bert has developed a new obsession - he keeps stealing one of my big-ole- plastic 14" needles. This time I found it tucked under my slippers. This means he grabbed the needle from the living room where a friend was using it, hauled it across the living room, down the hall, past 2 bedrooms & the bathroom, brought it in my bedroom and tucked it under the slipper. He has WAY too much time on his hands!
Quick question for anyone else who uses blogger. Have you had problems with spell check on blogger lately? It hasn't worked for me for about a week.


Wye Sue said...

I thought it was only me that couldn't spell... glad I am not alone...

I hope Bert hasn't given my boys ideas of a new game, they are pretty good at leaving stuff where they find it, but they do like to suck the yarn as it goes past their mouths... nice !!

Jill said...

Loving following the cat's crazy needle games. You gotta love that. As if we don't misplace our knitting tools enough? ;)

And I have been having trouble with Blogger's spell check. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. It's driving me crazy!

Toni said...

I love the color of those socks!!!!

Um...I haven't actually been blogging enough this week to notice anything. Woops!