Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Got Turkey?

The past week has been one for the books. I have some things going on that require some big life decisions. Being a single person means no hubby to talk to. Being the daughter of 2 severely memory challenged parents means no parents to talk to. My brother and I are not terribly close (3-4 days a year visit and some emails and occasional 5 minute phone calls). That leaves my friends. Some things I don't want to bother them with because - well - everyone has their own problems and I don't want to dump more on them. So- here I sit discussing big life issues with Chief and Bert. Good listeners. Not good at giving advice. I'll eventually decide to talk to one of my friends or I'll figure things out on my own but it's times like these that get a little lonely.

Enough sad stuff. On to other things - I've been knitting on the Regia socks and the second one is almost 1/2 done. I've been good at using my exercise bike. I decided this week would be "get to know the bike" week so I've only done 15-30 minutes a day and will start with my training next week.

Pet Turkey!?!
I dropped off my preemie hats to Jeanne's place of work. When I pulled into the lot I noticed a stuffed turkey by the building. Why on God's green earth would a company have a stuffed turkey in the front. That is absolutely the most insane thing I've seen at a company. Give me a break! One problem- once I got out of my car I notice the stuffed turkey moved. They did not have a stuffed turkey, they had a real life big turkey hanging out by the building "sunning" himself. I asked Jeanne about it and she said he kind of moved in after they started building a new section to the building and displaced his former home.

Yarn Tasting
This Friday (Feb 8) noon to 10pm is Yarn Tasting at Amazing Threads. They have lots of goodies (35% off yarn-needle sales,etc) according to the emails I've been getting. They also have many national writers and workshops set up for the next couple months. If you live in the Twin Cities or near them, you should check out their web site for schedules and updates.

My goals for the rest of the week are to finish the Regia sock, work on SIL's neverending Maizy socks and make it through the boring stuff like work so I can go to Amazing Threads Friday night before my friends come over for Friday Night Knit group. This weekend I'll deal with life decisions (after all- tomorrow IS another day).

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Guinifer said...

My little sis lives over by Amazing Threads - maybe I can talk her into meeting me over there.

Good luck, those socks are almost done!