Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Night Knitting Group

Tonight was The Friday Night Knitting Group. My attempt to turn my friends. It's working. Four them have been coming every Friday for the past month, with occasionaly missed nights because of other commitments. One of them couldn't make it tonight but here's the others working away. (I promised to smudge their faces)

The guy in the picture is hubby to the "back". They've been my friends since elementary school. The other one is one of the cousins. Our "gang" goes way back and has always been close. Now they are finally getting why I like to knit. The missing one is the protege. She wasn't there the first night and came the second and out distanced the others. As of last week she has started a scarf and had about 12" complete. She also tried a sample piece to learn purl and bind off. Guy had a hard time with knitting so last week I tried crochet. Part way through tonight he started getting it. He completed 2 rows without error and took home the Sugar and Cream to practice some more. He also went home with a smile! That was SO worth it.

Baby Boomers Need Glasses
Earlier this week I decided to eat a frozen pizza. Being a fairly normal person I decided to heat it up. Big problem. The directions on the package are so small I couldn't even read them with my glasses on.

What is the deal!?! I got another TV dinner type meal tonight and it's directions were super small. Don't the companies in the food industry realize the baby boomers are getting older and need bigger directions not smaller ones. Line lines of directions the size of a dime just doesn't cut it for me.


Guinifer said...

Having worked in packaging, I can tell you that there a couple things contributing to the shrinking ink. #1 - more and more "required" items need to be printed in that space.
#2 - limited amount of shelf space is requiring packaging to become smaller.

There you have it - more stuff in less space = shrinky dink ink.

Kat said...

If it makes you feel any better even us "youngins" can't read it half the time. :)

Congrads on the knitting group btw.

Toni said...

Congratulations on the "converts!" I have only convinced one person I know to try knitting, and she fizzled after a dozen garter stitch scarves.