Thursday, February 14, 2008

National Sink Kitty Week?!?

Apparently we need to join in the National Sink Kitty Week Festivities. We're all about joining things. At least Bert is...

I don't know why Chief won't use the sink but it fits my body so perfect! - Bert

Anyone coming to the Twin Cities this weekend for the big event at the Mall of America should also consider heading to to Como Park area to visit the Conservatory. Its a beautiful place and makes you forget the winter cold for a little while.

The Sunken garden is always beautiful and has the winter flower show going on right now.

Some of the flowers in the Sunken garden are so perfect you'd think they're fake.

The North Garden always has many orchids to discover. I love the Conversatory and try to get over at least once a year if not more. It's time for another visit!

The past week I've been sick. Sinus stuff. It sounds like it's been going around but I don't like it going around me! I went home sick yesterday after about 2 hours of work and thought I'd try to knit a little bit. After 1 row of knitting I was so dizzy from watching the yarn and needle movement I had to quit. No fun for me! Today I made it through 4 hours of work but finally gave up. Hopefully tomorrow I make it through the whole day because I have to be better in time for the Knit Out at the Mall. Also Sunday night Nicki Epstein is having a book signing Sunday night at Amazing Threads. So looks like I better take it easy tonight and get better!

Don't worry Mom. I'll take care of you.- Chief

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Guinifer said...

I've come down with something remarkably close to Influenza - I didn't even knit all day today. Ugh.