Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Red Apple

The Koolhaas Hat is done. Finished it last night and threw it on my head. Yup. I'm a big red apple. I found out a couple things making this hat. I like cable, I don't like putzy little "cables" that happen on every stitch. Way too much work. Every 4th row you're you're moving every single stitch with it's neighbor and heaven forbid you forget which row you're on. I did end up with one row that was half row 1 half row 3. Not a pretty sight and of course ripping back is slow because of all the stitch movement you did to get that far. (I don't frog cause I'm from the old generation of knitting that used to rip before frogging was invented, so I rip.) Back to the hat.

I think I know where the other knitter (wish I could remember who it was) may have had problems with the decrease rows. The first decrease row starts out "*P1, knit next 2 sts through their back loops (k2tbl), p2tog......" and continues. The first time I started this row I was watching Deal or No Deal and they were into the Million Dollar Challenge. The garage man (one of New York's strongest) was picking off the low numbers and it was getting exciting and well - I wasn't reading the pattern as well as I should have. I started knitting - purl 1 - knit 2 together in the back loop - purl 2 together - etc. Got about 1/3 of the way through the row and knew I wasn't going to have enough sts left on the needles. So I re-read. AH! It's purl 1 - knit 1 in the back loop - knit 1 in the back loop - purl 2 together. That worked out the way it should.

I hope this was the problem the other knitter was having and that somehow she reads my blog and can finish her hat. It's a great looking hat and I'd hate to thing of someone making it to 10 rows left and not finishing! The other thing I'd change - I did 4 repeats. The pattern calls for 4 or 5 repeats depending on for a guy and gal. I should have done 5 repeats.

When I took the picture I was stunned at how grey my hair looked. I have some grey hair. I have since I was 29 years old. It's a fact of life but, most of the time the massive quantities of grey on both temples is kind of hidden in all the dark brown hair. Not in this picture. I did a lot of cropping to get rid of the grey. But with all this I'm still not ready to dye my hair. Too much work. I take a shower, wash my hair, towel dry , run a brush through and call it a day. If I had to think about touching up roots I'd die (no pun intended). Even my cousin started "highlighting" her hair. Am I the only one who isn't into all this fussy stuff?


Guinifer said...

Yea - my mom's the one with the silver hair in my family. I've done my own hair, but right now, I pay somebody else to color it for me. I'm becoming so sensitive to the chemicals, I may have to stop sooner rather than later.

Lorraine said...

Ahaaaaaa! That's exactly it. I read and re-read those instructions and never once thought that the two stitches were not knit together.

Doh! Thanks. I'll have to give it a try with another yarn because the yarn I started with are now on my paws as Maine Morning Mitts.

Wye Sue said...

I went through a phase of highlights (with foils and not the evil rubber cap that hair (and skull) is pulled through..)

But now I've decided that I'm just going to leave my natural highlights come through... and they are lots ;-)