Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pooped out

Long day - really tired - no pictures -

I got up - called Mom to get her up and get her ready for in office surgery on a basal cell "mole" by her nose. This surgery is little short bits of surgery followed by 1 1/2 hours of waiting for the cells to be processed to see if everything was gotten - followed by another short bit of surgery. Rinse and repeat. We got to the office by 8am after losing her purse, finding her coat, introducing me to EVERYONE (again) as we left her place, hitting McDonald's for breakfast, dealing with rush hour. Then the long day in the office with some knitting while I waited. We were done at noon but - surprise - lucky me - we get to come back tomorrow to do the reconstructive surgery and put a skin flap on the dime sized hole on her face. So I have to reschedule a few appointments tomorrow. After the office we went to lunch and I got her back to her apartment to be introduced again to the same people and try to find her purse. Seems Mom has been putting her purse in her mail box lately. Her world is very creative.

So - I finally got done with Mom for the day and went home for a couple hours before heading out to the dentist to have a tooth worked on and prepped for a crown.

Here it is, 9:30 at night. I've been home for an hour. My mouth is still numb and I can't drink my tea very well. I'm tired of coping all day with health things and I just didn't feel like getting pictures of the Christmas sock and other things. Maybe tomorrow...
at least I have the boys to cuddle with. Here Chief.........

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Deb said...

Everytime I read about how you are with your folks, I flash forward to my "senior years" and pray for my daughter - to have the strength, love, courage,and devotion that you do; that (if need be) she will care for my husband and I with all the dignity and grace which you do; and that she will bless herself with time for herself. You are a good soul Jill!!