Friday, January 11, 2008

Packages are fun!

I never get packages. Well, that's not literally true. During the Secret Pal 11 (Hi Nerd Girl!)I got all sorts of wonderful packages. But - most of the time - nothing. I get lots of mail addressed to my parents asking to donations. There's no way I could use every address label that has shown up with Mom's name the past year even if they had the right name on them. You know the type - here's some address labels now, you should feel guilty enough to give us money. Or there's the gift of a little rosary (hello, we're Methodist. Rosary-not a big thing around here.) Lots and lots of "recyclable paper" comes into the house but few packages. Until today..

3 - count 'em - 3 packages were waiting for me when I got home. A feast of packages!
The white one is clothes from Blair - you don't get to see those. A couple tops and couple pair of pants - boring stuff. But- the other 2 packages are my books from ebay. Both came today. Both are in wonderful condition and I have some good reading this weekend!

I also have my friends coming over for knitting today. Last night ended up getting cancelled totally because one friend ended up in the hospital this week with breathing problems, another had lots of homework for the kids and needed to help, and the others had already changed to tonight because of schedules. So - tonight the Knitting Feebs begin. (Long story, I'll tell you later..... stay tuned)


NerdGirl said...

Enjoy cozying up with those books! Knitters across the blogosphere are jealous of your successful Ebay score. Have fun with the Knitting Feebs.

Guinifer said...

You did get some treasures at your door! I had a day like that last week.