Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Look back and look forward

Looking back at the past year I've been fairly productive in knitting. The following items have come off my knitting needles in 2007:
10 Socks (pairs)
2 Shawls
Sam the Ram
6 Hats / Bonnets
3 EZ's Surprise Baby Jacket
Baby Booties
Felted Clogs
13 Afghan Squares
12 Dishcloths
2 Scarves
and The Swedish Thora Jacket
I also worked on several items including the Mystery Shawl and Soft Shoulders Sweater that have not been finished yet.

As I first looked back at 2007, I didn't think I had done much knitting but making a list of all the items shows I was productive. I haven't kept a list prior to this year. The blog helped me with this task. The year also included much parent care, many work trips and time spent with friends and family. I spent a lot of time fixing up the house (new furnace, air conditioner, sewer line, kitchen floor, washer and dryer, basement waterproofing, and more!) It also included a great deal of time taking silly pictures of Chief and Bert. You've all put up with these pictures and you've even been kind enough to make comments about them.

So - this was the past year. What shall the new year bring?

I am declaring 2008 "The Year of being Selfish". But this will be a good selfish. I've spent 2 years caring for Mom & Dad, work, the houses and moving, and pretty much everything but me. Last week when my tooth broke I realized I haven't taken care of myself. So- 2008 will be getting myself back on schedule with doctors, dentists, and other health related things. A couple years ago I started going to a health club, lost 35 pounds, felt much better and then the club closed. I didn't join another one because I got busy with everything else. Most of that weight is back (but not all).

So- you may hear some stories about my journey back to health but I will try to keep the posts about knitting with cats stories thrown in. To that end-

I'm spending today putting Christmas away and working on the Soft Shoulders sweater. I finished the back and started the front last week. It's going to be a cold day in Minnesota so best to stay inside and knit!

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