Thursday, January 24, 2008

Read the Manual - if you've got one

We figured out who was making the Koolhaas hat. She did make the same mistake I originally tried to make. So - some day she'll make the hat again (it was already ripped out).

The last couple nights I made a couple more preemie hats for the K3tog gals. They were a nice distractions to the oven trauma we survived this week. What trauma you ask, well, it's a doozie and falls in the "read the manual first" category of life.

Back a little before my folks left the house their refrigerator died and the stove was not in good shape. It was the same stove from when I was in high school (or earlier) We're talking 35+ years old. They kept that stove limping along because it was unique. I had 1 1/2 ovens and was 40" wide. Not a common stove in today's world. The place in kitchen fit it perfect. To put a regular size stove in there would look wrong. So - they they were with crummy equipment and I said - let me buy new appliances because I'll be moving in when you move and they'll end up being mine anyway. Parent being parents said Nope. I finally convinced them to buy a frig and I'd buy a stove because I wanted them to match and I found a 40" stove that I knew cost more then they would want to spend. we trouped over to Lowe's and special ordered the stove and bought a frig to match. They're both black. They were delivered. Mom and Dad used them (sort of) for a while and eventually moved out. Where were the manuals? No clue.

This week I decided after a year of pizza and other oven spills it was time to auto-clean the oven. Seemed like a simple process - Push the clean button the door would lock and magically the oven would clean saving me from manual labor and giving me more time to make preemie hats. HA! Not so easy. I pushed the clean button and the door lock button started flashing. It didn't seem to be doing what it should so I tried opening the door just a bit so see if it was locked. Nope. However, it did lock about a milli-second after I opened the door. Lock down - door open - not a good thing. I hit the clear button and spent the next 10 minutes trying to get the lock to unlock and get the stove to quit flashing F9 at me while it laughed at me in a taunting beep-beep voice.

I unplugged the stove - no help - Chief and Bert inspected behind the stove - no help. I hit the clear button again - no help. I raised my arm in disgust - no help.

I left it unlocked over night while I googled my model stove and looked for a manual. Big help - it said to reset the stove. Been there done that. Really don't want to call service for an open door. The next day I forgot to call service. I ate pop tarts for supper. Next day I forgot to call service. I tried plugging it in again - F9 - BEEP-BEEP! I decided to try something drastic. I hit the Clear button and then the clean button and then the clear button again. WOW! the door lock opened up and life was again good.

After all this I read the downloaded manual and surprise it told me to not try and open the door while the lock door button is flashing. If I read that before it would have saved 2 days of trauma.

So - your reward for suffering through my story is a couple kitty pictures:

I really like the new kitchen floor for stretching out but it's been kind of loud in here lately - Chief

I know! What's with that black thing over there making all the noise? - Bert

Little side note - some pictures you can really see the effects from Bert's Belle's Palsy. His poor little left eye doesn't blink good (or squint in the sun light) like the right eye.

Here. Now you can see both sides at once. I'm ready for my close up - which side is better? - Chief


Deb said...

Yea but at least you got to eat Pop Tarts for dinner. I could eat them every day. What flavoer? Frosted Raspberry - my absolute FAV. But - they have to be untoasted!

Guinifer said...

I am all about the sugar - brown sugar cinnamon - frosted of course - toasted or not. Yum.

I didn't know cats could get Bells Palsy? Both of my grandfathers (paternal and maternal) had it. They were both miserable with it.

Toni said...

Yeah, but if you had read the manual, how much fun would the blog entry be???

Every time I do something really stupid I just tell myself it's for the sake of the blog....:)

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Self-cleaning ovens scare me a little. :)