Sunday, January 13, 2008

More old Projects Bite the Dust

Friday night was great. I ended up having 3 friends over to learn to knit (a couple are still having things going on so they can't come yet). Each had varying amounts of success but all left with at least 3 rows knitted. Some knitting looked more like knitting than others but - it's a learning process and the basic steps to making a stitch were drummed into their heads and now we'll work on gauge and having the hands in a good place to create a good looking stitch. But most important - they were interested enough to want to come back next week. Hopefully, by then the others can join us.

One small set back in the evening was Chief deciding to chew on my cousin's yarn. The cousin with cat allergies. Few people want cat spit yarn but someone with allergies - that's a big no-no. L was a good sport and just laughed it off. They all left with needles and yarn and a willingness to practice at home. You can't ask for more than that.

Ive spent this weekend so far working on OLD projects. Remember the white mitered mittens I finished after 20 or so years? Well, that box had other projects. A couple have been returned to there original form (balls of yarn) but I'm working on a few others. I finished a Christmas sock I started in the early 80s. It's about 15 or so inches long out of a bulky wool. Can't remember the name but it was a popular yarn at the shop back then. Knit on size 9 needles. It just needed the foot but- no pattern. That didn't stop me. I drew a snowflake and a holly leaf and knit up the foot. One more project done. The camera is hiding at the moment so pictures will follow.

I've also been working on the 3-1 rib socks for SIL. I swear these socks will never get done. I'm bringing them with me Tuesday for Mom's surgery so hopefully some progress will be made then.

I found some self striping Sugar 'n Cream that I hadn't seen before so thought I'd give it a try. I made up a wash rag to see how it looked and I like it. It's in shapes of blue and made a great looking wash rag.

In other news - the basement still hasn't been finished since I had it waterproofed. There's a 18" "border" all the way around that the tile was removed to do the waterproofing. This border needs to be repaired.
There's the problem, The tile down there is 9" square 60 year old commercial grade tile. It's not made anymore. I managed to find tile that same type but 12" square. Now I have to figure out if it's worth putting a tile that doesn't match around the outside as a border to level everything off and put a "good" floor on top of everything or just get a border on and call it a day. The tile down there right now has 60 years of use and could definitely use being replaced but - it take time and money. Such decisions..... which is the reason I haven't finished it yet. I'm busy being decision impaired. Help!

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NerdGirl said...

It sounds like knit night was a big success. You must be a great teacher if you can get them to do homework! :) I can't wait to see the Christmas sock that you are working on. I'll be thinking good thoughts on Tuesday for you and your mom.