Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Worldwide Wednesday - Reach out to the World

It's Wednesday again and for the first Wednesday post of the year I thought we'd look at what knitters can do for the world. I "hit the net" looking for some charities that want knit items. There are many of them and this list is just a few. Take some time to knit for others and you'll feel great. But then - I don't have to tell you because knitters are the most generous group of people I've ever met and you all have probably done mass quantities of charity knitting already.

Afghans for Afghans -Blankets, sweaters, vests, hats, mittens, and socks for Afghanistan people

Children in Distress Network - Comfort dolls for South Africa children affected by AIDS

Project Linus - Blankets & afghans for children

Socks for Soldiers - Black socks for our soldiers in the Middle East

Guideposts Knit for Kids - Sweaters for kids in their 10th year

The Ships Project - Hats, Slippers, Cool ties for our troops

Warm Woolies - Hats, slippers, etc. (knit in bulky wool) for children in orphanages around the world

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