Friday, January 25, 2008

Who Knew? - or I've got a bunch of questions

Little did I know that mentioning Poptarts would bring so many comments! Guess ya gotta give the people want they want - junk food. There were a few off line emails going back and forth today and the general opinion of everyone is the Brown Sugar Cinnamon (frosted or not frosted) are the best, Frosted Raspberry is a favorite but the Chocolate varieties are generally avoided. I hadn't had Poptarts for a while and bought the Chocolate chip cookie dough ones just for the fun of it. Don't bother. They taste very fake and have no real chocolate flavor. The other one I didn't like was the S'mores. Just not like the real thing. But - all in all - I still like Toaster Strudels the best. Any one else have a favorite - Poptart or Toaster Strudel and what flavor?
Indie Sock Yarn Question
Since I'm asking questions I've got another. I got All Things Heather yarn from my secret pal a while back - made some great socks and love them. When I made them they ran a lot. The water was changed many times till I thought I had them free of extra dye. Today I was washing my pile of socks and the water turned raspberry fairly fast. So - everyone got "out of the pool" cause the All Things Heather socks were peeing in the water. I washed them separate (bad socks!) and rinsed them several times. The rinse water still had a bunch of dye in it.

Some of the water after washing and 2 rinses - this time around.

Is this common? I haven't bought much indie dyed yarn and I've had minimal problem with dye after the first wash. What's everyone elses experience?

Socks after several rinses - still a nice dark raspberry.

Teaching New Knitters Question

I've been teaching my friends to knit for a couple weeks now. The 2 gals that came the first week are knitting. Bad tension, adding a lot of extra stitches but - they're knitting. One friend joined us the 2nd week and picked it up right away except for adding a ton of extra stitches. The guy that started the first week gets it for a while then totally loses it. They're coming over tonight again and I think I'm going to have him try crochet for a bit. 1 hook - 1 live loop. It might give him a success that we can turn into knitting. The problem right now is he'll drop a needle and pull the yarn or have such loose tension that his size 8 needle looks like he's knitting on a size 15 needle. We tried bulky yarn and larger needles but that didn't help. I just think he need to get a feel for tension before he'll be successful at knitting. Anyone have opinions on this? In the mean time the 3 gals are practicing: through the door - around the back - out the window and off jumps Jack (hey - don't laugh - it works!)

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Knittymama said...

Hmmmm...I've only had that problem once with the dye. I've heard a vinegar rinse can help set the dye, but I've also heard of "bad dye lots." You might want to e-mail her and let her know you're having trouble, because I don't think it's the norm.