Monday, August 20, 2007

Christmas here I come

Every year Christmas sneaks up on me. I don't know how. It's not like the date changes. It's not like I don't get the signs everywhere - the State Fair means 4 months to go; Halloween- 2 months; Thanksgiving- 1 month. And then - it happens, it's a few days before Christmas and I don't have presents ready, I haven't decorated the the house because it's not my year to have the family, I just get surprised by Christmas. But not this year. I already started presents and I'm going to be ready. Now don't remind me of this statement in 4 months when I'm babbling about not being ready because I'll deny I ever said this and I'll go in and delete this blog if you try to remind me. But for now, I pretend I'm going to be ready and show you a couple scarves I finished this week.

Both are the Multi-diagiagonal scarf pattern with variations.

Scarf # 1 is KnitPicks Suri Dreams. I used 1 skein and knit until I ran out. It's very light and fluffy.
Needles - 8
Diagonal width - 20 stitches

Scarf # 2 is80/20 acrylic/wool worsted. I forgot the name - I'll have to hunt up the skein and let you know. It's a yarn I hadn't used before and I thought I was buying wool. That will teach me to read the label better. Anyway- I decided to have a little fun with this because the yarn was going to be fair isle mittens but mittens need to be wool to stay warn. So- the scarf was made by default.
Needles - 8
Diagonal width - 30 stitches
I did end up with left overs from both skeins. I knit every other diagonal changing colors every 2 rows and then knit the next diagonal using one color alternating between the colors each time I did this diagonal.

What I discovered to limit the ends to work in was - if you knit the first color of the mutli-color diagonal using the color you just finished with you'll have the 2nd color end at the proper side to begin it's diagonal.

In other news - it was a raining weekend. We're hearing horror stories from Southeast Minnesota with flooding. This was my old stumping grounds where I went to college. It's frightening what water can do!

Chief decided the best way to survive a rainy day was to find "The Big GreenThing" and sleep. I think he may have something there! He also decided last night was a good night to crawl under the covers and start sleeping at my knee. This usually doesn't happen until mid September.


Guinifer said...

Heh - Chief looks like he got knocked on the head with the big green thing! A kitty crime scene!

Romi said...

Wow! I am impressed by your finished Christmas knitting!