Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Random Facts

I've been reading Harry Potter - 7 this past weekend and doing a little knitting. Today was "deal with Mom's bills" day. So I'm not being very creative in the post department. So today we're going to fall back to the random facts type posting. Notice I don't say 100 things about me because, quite frankly, I don't think we'll end up with that many!

1. We'll start simple - I have 2 cats (DUH!) Chief and Bert. Ragdoll & British Shorthair.
2. This is the first time I got "designer" cats. I usually get cats from the Humane Society.
3. I've been knitting since about 3rd grade.
4. Grandma taught me to knit but not to purl.
5. I made a lot of Barbie doll scarves in garter stitch (see #4).
6. In college I started knitting again because Mom saw an afghan my cousin knit at my Aunt's at Thanksgiving and liked it. (knit and purl blocks)
7. Mom got the afghan for Christmas that year. ( I learned how to purl)
8. I knit Dad one pair of Elizabeth Zimmerman's woolman's socks every Christmas for the past 15 years.
9. Mom washes wool socks with the rest of the laundry.
10. Dad owns several pair of very small socks.
11. Dad learned to wash wool socks about 13 years ago.
12. I owned my own store for 5 years - knitting, knitting machines, sewing, quilting, sewing machines.
13. I have a very large cookbook collection.
14. I have a very knitting knitting book/magazine collection.
15. I have a very large quilting book/magazine collection.
16. I collect books.
17. I tend to go through crafts every 3-4 years.
18. I just came off a 5 year quilt binge leaving several quilt tops done but not put together as quilts.
19. My friend (with MS) and I took stained glass classes because she thought it was something she could do.
20. MS and stained glass don't always go together well.
21. If you make a stained glass nativity and have shaky hands from MS, Joseph may end up anatomically correct from excess solder. (Joseph was "fixed")
22. I love electronic stuff - TV, computers, cameras, knitting machines, computerized sewing machines...
23. I can changed out a water heater and do several of home care things.
24. I love London and the test of Great Britain and miss the fact I haven't been there for a few years.
25. My favorite museum is the Victoria & Albert in London. It's filled with crafts instead of paintings on walls.
26. On Netflix I have rated 1599 movies.
27. I hate buying clothes.
28. I used to make all my own clothes including jeans.
29. I can talk to most people about most topics except sports.
30. In 6th grade my friends and I had to research parabolic intersections of dimension to dimension because Mr. Spock mentioned that on Star Trek.
31. The summer between 7th and 8th grade my friend on I read "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" all the way through on a bet.
32. I still remember the name of the guy who tried to kill Hitler on July 20,1944 (friend's brother was born the same day so I remember the date because of that).
33. I remember bizarre random facts easily but I'm lousy at remembering names and faces. It's a terrible flaw.
34. I don't watch much reality TV. Seeing 5 minutes is more than I can take on most shows.
35. I have a big scar on my heel from having multiple heel spurs removed. I still can't walk stairs well from this.

Guess 35 is enough for now. Are you bored yet? We'll try for some knitting stuff tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hello secret pal! I am looking forward to tomorrow's post about knitting as it may help provide me direction as your designated pamperer for sp11. :) I am very impressed that you can change out a water heater and make your own clothes. You are a true renaissance woman.