Friday, August 17, 2007

New Computer program practice

Part of my new computer is Office 2007. As with every new thing it’s got “stuff” I have to get used to. The best way is to practice. So I’m writing my post on Word 2007 and there is an option to publish to blog with the content of the document. Let’s see how this goes. I’ll add photos and see if they actually hit the blogs without me having to add each one separately. It will certainly make my life a lot easier if it does. Posting blogs when you have to add each picture separately and then move them to the spot you want them then re-set the spacing of everything it’s well… a pain. (Note: well - it didn't go so good. I need to try this out again when the computer is trying to update Windows stuff at the same time)

Wow! I just highlighted the last paragraph to change the font size and as I moved the curser around the sizes – the whole paragraph changed with each movement before I clicked on the size I decided on. I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy some of the new features.

Now to knitting. (Oh- I just saw the bottom left of the screen says this is word number 187! It’s keeping track)

Sorry… I knit a bit on the 2 color multi-diagonal scarf today and it will be done this weekend. The August sock (#1) is almost done. I haven’t knit on the mystery shawl the last two weeks because I’m not so sure about the wing. It looks too different from the rest of the shawl for me. I finished the first clue that had the wing on it and stopped. I decided to hold off until I see a brave soul’s completed shawl and then I’ll decide. The mystery is fun but I’m not one to just knit for the sake of knitting if I don’t “feel” it. I know there are those who are madly knitting/blocking away as I write and once I see their results I’ll know if I’ll keep knitting or do a little ripping to get back to the straight shawl part before I finish. I will finish because I like the beginning very much – we’ll just have to wait about the wing.

I just heard on the TV tomorrow is going to be the wettest day of the summer. Look like knitting time to me! Or I could behave and get some work done on the other house. NAH! – I'll knit…..

I have to put a picture somewhere in here to test out the blog publishing thing. What should I show you? Cats or knitting?
Good luck figuring this one out! I knot Bert has a head and a tail but where they are at the moment is a guess.

Chief as a baby.

Back when Chief was about 4-6 months old he wanted to be carried everywhere (still does). I had a hard time working on the computer with a cat in my lap so I hunted up my old arm sling and it became his. We would work on the computer for hours, me typing away, Chief snoozing in his “hammock”. Too bad he grew out of it so fast!

Note: never mind the publish blog pictures thing. I have to have my pictures stored on my server and since I don’t have a server I have to upload them the old way. Oh well, it was worth a try- I still like the other new features of Word 2007.

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Romi said...

OMG! The kitty in the sack is just too too cute!