Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time to take a deep breath

Last week I mentioned things happening at work to bum me out but didn't want to talk about it. Well, last Thursday my boss had a meeting with me to let me know things were going to change in the department and my position was going through changes. In 30 days I would be without a position. He'd help me look for a new job in the company and went out on the company website. Oh look - here's a job that's 6 grade levels below mine. Yippee. To say the least I was bummed out. One of my good friends at work is a recruiter for another part of the country so she hooked me up with other recruiters. No jobs in my grade level/experience around that could be done remotely (like her job - she works in Minnesota for the southern Midwest area). Anyway - I didn't tell many people mostly due to shock. I think I told 4-5 people.

This afternoon the boss had another meeting with me. OOPS! Ignore what he said last week. And oh, by the way, I'll be getting someone reporting to me to help me out with the Iowa stuff so I don't have to travel as much. Talk about a crummy week. At least it had a happy ending. For now - who know when someone will decide to make changes again. Today's workplace just isn't stable for anyone anymore. At least there's knitting.

Monday night was our Sock of Month Group. We all went around the table and formally introduced ourselves to each other. This month's yarn is tofutsie. I'm not so keen on the pattern so I'll probably look around for a different one to try out the yarn with.

This is a shot of my bathroom from March 2007. Notice the lack of medicine cabinet (the blue taped are is hiding a hole in the wall that the cats got a bit too interested in). The curtain looks like it was just thrown over the rod and doesn't really fit. The tile has blue painting tape on it. The light is - well - ugly and old. Now, pretend this same picture was taken today.

You would see no medicine cabinet. Blue painters tape on the tile. The window bare with no curtain thrown over the rod. And ,yes, an ugly light. Guess I haven't gotten too far on the bathroom fix-up. I think I have a project for this week end!

My plans are to get the walls painted and hunt up my cousin to come over and hold the medicine cabinet in place while I install it. With any luck we'll also be able to take down the ugly, old, 1970s crackle globe lights and replace it with the incredibly beautiful arts & craft light I got back in March. Wish me luck!


Guinifer said...

I am so sorry you had unhappy work drama. I have been there, more than once, so I know how it makes you feel. Hang in there - hope things get better. Good luck with the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Hey secret pal--I am sorry that your job has kept you on sure a roller coaster. I am sure that given all you are juggling already with your parents that you did NOT need the extra stress. I hope that your weekend of tackling the bathroom remodeling goes well. You should keep your eyes peeled for a little something in the mail. This is not your September package...just a little something because of the awful week you had.