Saturday, August 25, 2007

They just don't get it! - But you do...

I went out to eat with my "gang" this week. They were my gang before that word was something to worry about. Back in the 60s when you could say to your folks "I'm meeting the gang at the bowling alley" and your parents wouldn't worry. They knew you were meeting a nice group of friends and having some good clean fun in a safe place. I feel sorry for the kids today who have to worry about wearing the wrong clothes or wrong fingernail polish or wrong whatever because it might tell other people the wrong message - you belong to a certain gang (in the bad way). But - back to my gang.

The first of us met in 3rd grade. Actually a bit sooner because my cousin is part of the gang. We've been together and close since I was 4 months old and he was born. The next members after 3rd grade joined us in 5th and 6th and we added some more with jr high and high school. But - by 10th grade the gang was pretty solid. We've been together forever and support each other. Some friends have moved away and we don't see each other as often and some in town have moved into different circles of friends but still connect occasionally. The core group however,gets together at least monthly if not more often. What a treasure it is to have these friends. But none of them knit. That's where the problem came in when we got together this week.

We were sitting around a table at Panera and I said something about a funny thing I read in someone's blog. That started a conversation about why would anyone blog. Cousin figures that blogs are - "I got up today. I went to the bank. I ate a bagel." etc. It took me a while to explain the people I've met on the blogs (but never met in person) are friends with similar interests. We talk about knitting, get opinions from others, share our successes and knitting traumas (we never have any failures!), and I tried to explain this by adding - "Do you want me to spend the entire time we're together talking about what I'm knitting and what yarn I used and what needle I decided knits better than the other? And you you want to see 500 pictures of Chief and Bert every time we get together?"
"Point taken"
I think they are starting to understand the purpose of themed blogs.

This week was a really bad one at work and I may talk about it some day but not today. Because of this lack of calm in my work life and having to deal with some parent stuff, I didn't get much knitting done.
I did finish the SOM sock but need to get going on the 2nd one and block the 1st one.

One good thing that happened this week was I found a 2 shelf bookcase that wasn't 11 x 24. I have my Grandpa's old secretary desk and thought it would fit in the kitchen perfect. It's small 13 x 30 and part of the family history. It was in the corner of his kitchen. But it has no legs. I figured a small bookcase would work perfect and give me a spot for my cookbooks at the same time. It seems all bookcase in the known world are 11 x 24 except for one. I check all the normal places and furniture stores. I tried Ikea, home do-it-yourself stores. I happened to look at Target of all places and found the perfect bookcase. 13 x 32. I can deal with the desk being 1" short on each side. I got the bookcase one night and put it together the next. It works. Now all I have to do is refinish the desk to the right color stain.

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