Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've been Found!

How exciting! I just checked email and discovered my SP11 has found me and made her/his self known. I wasn't sure about joining the secret pal thing but thought - what the heck. I need a little excitement in my life that isn't work or PWM (parents without memory).
It's late and time to hit the hay but I just had to post to say - YEAH! It's gonna be a fun few months planning for my SP and waiting to see what I end up with. Life needs excitement of the happy kind!!!

You can get all the presents you want as long as I get something too! - Bert


Guinifer said...

I love doing the SP swaps - I've had two really good experiences. You should have lots of fun.

Romi said...

That's a great kitty picture. :)

I got email from my pal too!